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Our Equipment

2000 Gallon Septic Pump Truck

Our truck can transport a large quantity of waste, and if you have bigger needs, we can dispatch a whole fleet of them.

8 Houle 7,300 Gallon manure tanks

Houle spreaders are manufactured with the highest quality, durability, and state of the art spreader tanks.

2006 Houle choppers and lagoon pumps

Lagoon pumps provide excellent stability and pumpnig power, portable controls, flexible discharge joints, and many other options.

John Deere® Tractors

From low cost operations to ease of use and durability. We use only the best tractors to delivery performance.

Slurry Spreader

We can spread manure all over your field to help make your crops stand tall! Expect great things when you use E&F for all of your spreading needs. Our state of the art spreaders will have your whole field covered in a jiffy.